Harper Wellness Test

Harper Wellness Test

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The Harper Wellness Test provides you with in-depth insight into how stress is affecting your day-to-day life, and offers tailored tips to help you feel your best.

Our kit comes with everything you need for a complete diagnostic of your wellbeing, including:

- A series of clinically-backed games to measure and track problem solving and memory. 

- A panel of questions to delve deeper into how you’re feeling.

- A cortisol lollipop test, which uses hormones in your saliva to give an exact measure of stress in your body.

The test is quick and easy to complete (it only takes 9 minutes).

Afterwards you’ll receive a detailed report, which includes suggestions to help you manage stress more effectively.

Once you return the pack, it will be assessed by our lab and we’ll email you your report within three working days.